I Betrayed My Pussies

     I betrayed my cats the other day.  I felt totally awful about it but I still did it.  I am so close to my Kitty but, she hates me right now.  My boy cat, Petra, kinda does too but not as much as she does.  I had to do it though.  She made me. She wouldn't stop getting pregnant.  That's how I got him to begin with.
     I knew I was going to do this to her ever since she had him.  She had to get spayed.  I was doing it to both of them actually.  Because, I thought they were both girls.  Ones not.  I found that out yesterday at the vet.  I had made an appointment to have them both spayed, like Bob Barker always said I should, and I dropped them off in the morning.  The vet called me round lunch to tell me that Petra, was a boy kitty.  I felt a whole lot less stupid when she admitted they had only found that out after they had cut into him.
     Ya, you heard me right.  They cut his belly open BEFORE they even checked his business to make sure he was a girl.  They even blamed it on me.  Their exact words were, 'We took your word that he was a girl'.  For one, I am not a vet, I'm a starving comic.  I don't know how to check his business.  But, they do.  They work on pets all day, and yet somehow it's my fault because I didn't know his fluffy ass was a boy?
     Anyway, he's kind of a girl now so, I guess he can keep his girlie name still.  He doesn't even seem upset about the whole thing but, my Kitty on the other hand, does not trust me at all anymore.  And honestly y'all, she really shouldn't. First, I put her in a cage, her first time EVER in a cage.  Took her in that cage to a strange place.  Left her there.  The strangers in that place did things to her and put her in a bigger cage, then left her in that one overnight.  Now, she's back home but, she has a damn cone on her head.  No wonder she flinches when I walk by and hides from me.  I wouldn't like me no more either.  I might kill me in my sleep for all that sh*t honestly.
     The boy cat though, Petra, is completely fine.  Acts like absolutely NOTHING happened.  He is being needy though because his Momma don't want anything to do with him at all.  They got into it yesterday because she finally got tired of his sh*t so she smacked him like four times in the face by the food bowl and he pinned her down and showed her who was boss right away.
     I put him in the garage to separate them and right away she started crying that she wanted him back inside.  It was exactly like an abusive feline relationship.  I finally caved and let him in and right away he fought her again.  His bail money wasn't even in the bank yet and he was already beating her like Chris Brown.  So, I put their cones back on. Now I'm the bad guy again.  Oh well, they are just cats.

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