Last to the Party, episode 2

Last to the Party,
episode 2

“Welcome to ‘Last to the Party,’ where I share the funny videos I’m just finding out about with all of you as un-cool as I am.  If you’re not as un-cool as me just be cool about it.  Laugh politly for whoever is showing you this, don’t be a d*ck”

                Today I’m going to share Zach Galafanakis’ web, celebrity interview,  talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’ with y'all. 
                 On 'Between Two Ferns' Galafanakis interviews different celebrities using his biting sarcasm and quick wit instead of real or typical interview questions creating akward and hilariously funny celebrity interviews.  
                 Below I have included an example episode with Will Ferrell as a guest.  If you like it you should definatly find the episode with Steve Carell, and I also highly reccomend the one he did with Natalie Portman. 
                Those are both really great ones but I love them all.  If you haven't seen 'Between Two Ferns' click below to watch..,

Thanks for coming to ‘Last to the Party’, we enjoyed your visit.  Come back for Laughing News vol3 on the 15th...,

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