What a welcome to our new home! Thank you!

"When I stood on that open mic stage with a spotlight on me for the first time ever up there risen above at least like 60 people and told my first joke on stage that I had written myself and heard all that laughter come back up to me I knew I needed that feeling all the time and I was instantly in love.  My whole life I've lived to make someone else laugh.  I needed to do that and I was also supposed to.  I can't hear you fkrs but over 1000 views in our first damn week?  And I still haven't heard if we'll get the funding we need but damn y'all are cool and believe you will be hooked up immensely and deep.  I love everyone who +1's me on Google plus, or RT's me on Twitter, Or shares me on Facebook with their other Internet friends to help me grow.  We need each other, the rest of you comment or make a sound.  Rattle a cage, lemme know your here.  Ask me shit. Whatever.  I love you guys too.  Thank you, here come your jokes..,"

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