Nibbling During Sex Survey

     We wanted to find out if women liked playful light nibbling during sex.  I like it, do you like it?  If you don't, do you hate it?  Or is it just OK or maybe you just think that it's wrong to nibble on your partner?
     Well we just didn't know what was right and we wanted to find out so today at Laughing at Life 2 we're going to dive right into the sexual phenomenon of nibbling. We're going to strap in and really sink our teeth in and get to the bottom of it as deep as we can get into this sensitive issue.
     We hit the streets and asked 100 women all about nibbling during sex and we're going to share with you here the results of our little sexual street survey about nibbling. Prepare to be amazed by our new sexual knowledge.

1. Women like to be nibbled

     First thing we found out was that women enjoy being nibbled on. In fact 87% of the women we surveyed said that they love to be nibbled on. 98% agreed that it usually wetens their vaginas to be lightly nibbled in the ear and neck area. 100% of the women asked agreed that pressure was an issue saying to be careful because if you accidentally bite them too hard you'll dry them up in a jiffy.

2. Girls like to bite too but are scared to use their teeth

     Something that we found was that women are confused about teeth and sex. 91% of the women we surveyed said they never knew when to use teeth during sex. 100% said they knew never to bite or scrape the wieners but most of them weren't really sure if men liked to be nibbled on as much as they did.

3. Girls like to be asked about sex

     23% of the women that we surveyed liked being surveyed so much that they also had sex with us. 63% of them wanted to but were just too busy. 99% of them were too busy thinking about sex with us to not give us at least a kiss. 87% of them gave us their phone numbers and or email addresses. 1% of them are even our girlfriend now.

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