5 Powerful Mind Hacks To Succeed Like A Boss

     We all want to succeed nowadays but succeeding is really super hard to do and the truth is we can't all do it. We all want to win but to win someone needs to lose. It's just math. So, we want to be the winners and not the losers. As Donald Trump will tell you losers suck and we hate them. So we want to win. Luckily for you guys I win all day and I have decided to teach you all how to win too for free. Read my 7 magical mind hacks below and then go out in the world and start to succeed already.

1. Grow a pair

     You have got to get off of your ass and go get what you want. No one will give it to you and it will not fall in your lap. You can not be afraid to go after your dreams like a crazy person no matter what others, or even logic think. If you let the fear of failure stop you from reaching for your dreams then you have already failed. How about that logic. Michael Jordan once said he missed a hundred percent of the shots that he didn't take and I'll bet the math on that is pretty solid. Like the lottery says, you can't win if you don't play.
     Bottom line, you are going to have to grow yourself a pair. And don't worry If you are a girl because you can still grow a pair. Growing a pair just means to be brave. That's all it is, just be brave enough to dream and try to go achieve those dreams. If you do that then you have already succeeded. It doesn't matter if you reach your dreams because in your heart you will know that you tried and were true to who you were. That's success.
     So get your nuts up and go after what you want and claw anyone's eyes out that tries to stop you from getting it. That's the only way that you will get it so stop lying to yourself and do it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go.

2. Remember to think of the future you as a real person

     We tend to think of ourselves in the future as a different person and because of that we constantly screw ourselves over. Think about it, you know you're supposed to be working right now,  but instead your reading jokes on a silly comedy blog. You could be getting your work done so you could get a promotion and make more money but no, that's future you's problem. Got a big meeting in the morning and know you should go to bed but you watch three more episodes of Full House before you finally do because present you wanted to and future you can just fend for himself. We hinder ourselves because we fail to realize that future you is still you and is going to hate past you for good reason later on.

3. Stop second guessing yourself

     Unless you're a moron your brain is pretty good at figuring things out. If it tells you something is wrong you should probably listen to it. Makes perfect sense right? How come we don't do it then. We talk ourselves into what we want to do even though our body's computer said it was a bad idea because we want to do it and that's all the reason we need.
     Listen to your mind meat. It is looking out for your dumb ass. That's like it's whole job and you think you know better than it does? Please. Trust yourself, just make sure you are listening to the right voice when you do. If you only hear one voice, congratulations, aren't you just so great? If you have more than two voices seek medical help for which one to listen to.

4. Educate yourself

     It's much easier to screw something up if you don't know what you're doing. You may have a great idea for whatever but if you don't know how to do shit it's going to be pretty hard to do it. Good news is, it's easy to learn stuff. If yo have a computer with an internet you can do more than look up tons of porn you can also learn anything you want to learn. Go to Google, it's like I tell my kids, go ask Google, Google knows everything.
     YouTube is good too. Although Google owns YouTube so it's still Google isn't it. Just ask Google it will know what to do. Once you find the knowledge that you need, learn it and then you will be able to apply it in real world situations. In other words, you will be better at life and suck less. You will be smarter too.

5. Learn and apply some self discipline

     This is the really tough one. Seems like it would be easy and just common sense right? Well in a way it is. The way the logic gets lost in translation is that we have an idea of what things like 'work harder', and 'buckle down' mean but our idea and reality are just not very close together.
     That's where discipline comes into play. Without discipline we will inevitably be too easy on ourselves causing ourselves to get lazy and inevitably fail. That's why you have to kick yourself in the ass on the regular. You will get lazy if you don't. You know you will, you know you. You cannot go easy on yourself.
     On your quest to kick all of the ass you must start with your own. I think that is a famous Chinese proverb or something. If not, I wrote it. Whatever, its true so always kick your ass extra hard and you will win. That's it, that's all of it. If you do those 5 things your chances of succeeding are going to go up by a lot. If you stick with it better than you have everything else in life you might even do it.

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