5 Things That Suck About Atheists

     Awhile back I wrote a quick little rant style piece about Atheism. I didn't spend a lot of time on it but I suppose it was an OK piece. Put it this way, I'm not ashamed of it, but it also wasn't my favorite piece I ever wrote. It is however one of the most popular articles of all time here at Laughing at Life 2 and it also has the most comments of any post ever by far. I don't know why but people liked it. 
     I have to say that the Atheism posts popularity really surprised me and for a couple different reasons. First, like I already said it wasn't a very well crafted piece. It started out as a bit idea that I could never figure out how to pull off but I liked it enough to want it to get seen. I didn't expect it to take off like it did. The second thing that surprised me was the comments. Not just the volume of the comments but also the negativity and judgemental hate in them.
     So, here's the thing, people liked the Atheism post, the Atheism post got a lot of people talking, I like people, hits, and talking so I figured why not do another post about atheism where I'm actually trying a little harder to make actual points? Since I liked my idea I went ahead and started to put together a brand new post about Atheism and Atheists and you are reading that post right now. I hope you enjoy it and I also hope that even if you don't that you do still comment if only to help me better prove the points I am already going to make here in this piece.

1. Atheists tend to be condescending, and pretentious

     I joked in that original piece that Atheism was the religion for geniuses and I said that because if you listen to their propaganda or people like their self-appointed spokesmen Neil DeGrasse
Tyson speak you will see that they are very pretentious and condescending towards people of faith. Atheists seem to all believe two things at the start of every conversation that they have about religion. First, they believe going in that they are right, and the second thing that they believe is that you are wrong. You're not just wrong you're stupid too. You can see it in their smug faces and their, 'I'm a genius', tone of voice.
     That is what is so maddening to me about Atheists. I hate anyone that treats people like they are stupid, but to treat someone like they are stupid just for having faith when you know for a fact that while you may not believe in God you actually cannot prove he doesn't exist either. So while I believe that it's perfectly fine to disagree with me it isn't OK however to assume or pretend that you are smarter than me just because you've decided that God isn't real.

2. Atheists are often argumentative, judgemental, and defensive

     The thing that I noticed right away in the comments was that the Atheists that were speaking up all thought very highly of themselves as far as intellect went, and they all also agreed that I was not impressive in the art of thought. The reason that they thought that was simply because I believed in God. Even the commenters that were relatively nice assumed that I was simple-minded. I must be you see, because as they were all willing to tell me, it's idiotic to believe in God. If you believe in God you are stupid and to be tolerated at best. Pitied maybe, put up with, but never respected or listened to. It was impossible to have an actual discussion with them because anything that I would say in defense of my religion was always met with condescending and passive aggressive responses. Responses that most of the time had little to nothing to do with the point I had made. How do you talk like that?
     I like to argue. I also get that Trolls are an actual thing and part of doing business on the Internet. I even get that some people just want to argue to argue. I get all of that but, come on. Seriously, even if we are just going to dick around at least be a little open-minded or at least pay attention to the conversation instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. You can even still be a jerk if you want. Just try to stay somewhat on topic while you do it. 

3. Atheists love logic and science, when it's convenient

     I have found that an Atheist loves to quote Neil, DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, or if they're witty George Carlin when it serves in their defense but they do not respond well to logic that interferes with their beliefs or maybe I should say lack thereof. There are plenty of ways in which science supports religion and even God. That's all irrelevant in an argument with an Atheist. They dive into their quote library and fire back with a Bill Hicks quote that they think just fucking brilliantly proves their point. I do not fucking understand logic like that. It infuriates me.
     I think it makes me so mad and baits me into getting into Internet arguments that I know going in are lost causes because of how damned hypocritical it all is which I'll get into more later on. It's fine to disagree but it's childish and counter-productive to just chant your bullshit or post your memes while not even attempting to listen or have any kind of dialog.

4. Atheists cannot seem to fathom faith and see it as stupidity

     A point that I had made in the first piece was that while it is true that I cannot prove that God exists it is also true that atheists cannot prove that he/she doesn't either. I believe that God exists. I have faith that God exists and that he/she sent her/his's son to Earth to die for my sins so that I could be saved. I believe that, and I feel that I am right. That is what faith is. I believe it because I feel that it is true and because the bible and church told me so. It feels true to me. Why is that stupid exactly? Seriously. I really want a good answer to that question.
     I don't mind discussing this issue but I see no reason that respect has to be off the table when we discuss it. Trust me, I can be a stubborn smart-ass too but what in the hell is that going to get us? I struggle with my faith like any other Christian. I would welcome an actual debate about religion because honestly I have questions to work out with my faith and it would be good for that. I can tell you this, if you do decide to have a productive discussion I promise not to judge you for disagreeing with me if for some reason I failed to sway you to my point of view.

5. Atheists are often hypocrites

     Atheists love to say things like, "That's impossible.", or "There isn't any proof." to shoot down things that Christians say in defense of God. Thing is though science is all about discovery. Finding new things, discovering worlds you never knew existed, science is all about learning and discovery up and down. Talk about parallel universes and those same people will be all, "Maybe.", and "You never know.". That's maddening hypocrisy. The fact is in the end you just don't know. You believe and feel that there isn't a God and that's OK, but you don't know for a fact that there isn't a God so stop acting like a genius for being an Atheist as you hide behind memes and quotes putting down people of faith from the back of an undeserved high horse.

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