This year for the A to Z Challenge I have decided to get a little personal with my loyal readers. During this years A to Z I am going to explore 26 of my many pet peeves. I hate almost everything so filling the alphabet will be a breeze. Today the letter is G so lets's do Greed.

     Greed and greedy people disgust me. I think it is the worst of my many pet peeves actually. I hate greed. I believe that greed and gluttony are two of the most evil sins. Right up there with rape and murder. I think it takes a special kind of person to use up and take from so many people in order to horde massive amounts of wealth and possessions. Many times done in perverted and disturbing ways such as sweat shops and child labor. Or people profiting from limited natural resources that should just be free and available to everyone.
     Greed is so rampant today and it really, honestly disturbs and scares me. I feel very worried about the immediate future as I watch what is going on in the world and in the media. A lot of what I see is downright frightening. Some of the brainwashing techniques that are used on all of us daily are quite fascinating too. That in particular is interesting because of the simplicity and effectiveness of it.
     I believe that the true goal in life is to strive for a more communal type of society in some way. A very interesting idea is the Venus Project. For more info on the Venus Project just search it online it has a lot of really good ideas for sustaining resources and working together as a community to provide everyone with all their needs in a equal and humane way as an alternative to our current monetary society. Basically greed upsets me and I believe that if I could change one thing to make the world a better place I'd get rid off greed instead of world peace. I actually think that would bring world peace all on its own.

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