I Want To Get In A Fight

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     I really want to get into a fight. It has been a very long time since I have been in an old fashioned fist fight. It's been since High School probably. I can't even really remember exactly how long ago it was that I got to punch someone square in the face when they deserved it like I wanted too, or just wail on some assholes ears with a barrage of punches until he learned the lessons that he desperately needed to learn to avoid future ass whoopings from me.
     That doesn't happen anymore. People still disagree. It's just when it used to come to blows, now people want to call the cops. I don't like that and it sucks for two reasons. One, I don't really like cops, they make me uncomfortable even when I'm doing nothing wrong. Two, cops never let you fight, and will actually lock you in a cage for doing it. Crazy right? It really is, but its true though I've seen it happen.
     It's ridiculous, this pussification of the males in our society. Look, there is a line that you just do not cross when arguing with a man and every man knows it and when its crossed the natural response is to battle. Everything in your body and soul is telling you to fight. And time was, you could have. You could have fought, brutally even if you wanted, someone would inevitably win and it would be over with. But no, everyone is a sissy so now you have to fight every natural urge in your body because society has decided we can't fight.
     Well, I think society is wrong. I think keeping all that rage pent up causes bigger problems down the road, and I believe that fighting is healthy and natural. I think fighting, while unfortunate is necessary, and without it we don't function properly as a unit. There wouldn't be so many assholes running around ruining everyones day if they knew people could punch them in the nose if they got out of line and needed it. We need that back America. We're fighters by nature. Freedom of speech should go both ways and include a throw your hands clause when things fall through the system.

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