Greed and Medicine

     I see a lot of crying on social media and also on the garbage television that we now call news about health care reform. I think everyone knows what I'm talking about, but if you've been lucky enough to have missed out on all of the deceiving rhetoric and downright treasonous things that our generations 'journalists', and regular American citizens are saying about our President and his health care reform plan.  For the sake of progress, and because this post is meant to mostly be about the greed that swarms in the health care industry more than President Obama's health care program, I am going to skip all the ridiculous and quite frankly downright infantile things people are saying about it and just stick to the main actual complaints about Obamacare. 

     People like to claim that President Obama's program steals money from hardworking taxpayers pockets, that it is unfair, invasive, and quite frankly just isn't working. I will briefly take these complaints on one at a time starting with the myth that Obamacare attacks average taxpayers. It is amazing to me that people even believe this myth. The health care reform act was meant to help the common people, not hurt them. To give the average American access to care even if they cannot afford it. It's purpose was to eliminate the greed that had perverted our countries health care system to the point that it restricts care to only those who can afford it. If the health care reform act took money from anyone it would have been the rich, and greedy gatekeepers of medical care in this country. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals would have been affected and they should be. Our current system is fundamentally flawed and needs to be reformed. It's disgusting that money dictates the care you will receive or that elderly people are forced to give the majority of their income for the care and medicine that they need to survive.

     Now lets tackle the 'It's not working' angle. This one is easy to see once you open your eyes but no one seems to want to do that. The only problems with Obamacare were placed on it by those opposing it in an effort to make it fail. It didn't fail despite their efforts and now those same people who tried to hinder the progress of the health care reform act site the same garbage they tacked on it to support their flimsy arguments over why things should just stay the way they are. The senators and congressmen who protect the wealthy are stopping you and your family from getting the care you deserve and at the same time brainwashing you into believing that it is to protect your money. That is a bold faced lie. It is to protect the filthy rich, not the average American taxpayer. Stop defending the wealthy and open your eyes. Health care needs to be available as a right and the disgusting greed that keeps it from us needs to be eradicated. This is our country and we are letting them take it. Hell, we are giving it to them. It needs to stop. You are being lied to, wake up!

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