The 7 Biggest Ways That Society Is Brainwashed

     There are many different ways that we as a society are brainwashed. Some are obvious and some are not as easy to see but its always there and its all around us. It's nothing new either, a brief history lesson will show you just how real programming and brainwashing really are and how dangerous they can be to society under the guise of being in our best interest. The tricky part is you can't even really discuss it without seeming like a crazy person that needs an aluminum foil hat and padded bedroom. But, the thing is what I'm going to get into in this piece are facts whether they seem crazy or not all you have to do is open your eyes and pry your way past the thick layer of bullshit that's been placed before them to see it. So, just for the hell of it open your mind for a few minutes and I will attempt to show you just a few examples of what I am talking about when I say that society is being brainwashed.

- Virus Scares and Natural Disasters

     Is anybody besides me wondering what ever happened to the Ebola outbreak? That was huge right before the riots in Ferguson but now its nowhere. Did we cure Ebola? You'd think if we had that would be newsworthy especially right now with so much negative on the news. Ebola was ravaging the nation just a few months ago. Nurses were being quarantined by overweight governors. Ebola coverage was all over every major news network as the virus spread all the way to Texas last I heard and was thought to be unstoppable. Its gone now. Incurable unstoppable virus spreading inside the united states of America with no way to stop it and then Bam! no more Ebola.
     To dumb it down Ebola is still probably spreading right now but id wager that it is nowhere near the crisis level that it was reported to be, nor do I think it ever was. That's right, I believe that the already present threat of deadly viruses spreading was temporally brought to light in order to distract the masses from what I do not even claim to know but what I do know is it was laid on really thick and now it's just gone, a non story. It wasn't cured or stopped it just stopped being newsworthy to discuss it. The riots were sexier. It's all entertainment disguised as news anymore. Any real news or truth is buried so deeply in layers of useless bullshit and misdirection that it mostly goes unnoticed.

- Professional Sports

     Cities spend millions on sports teams for a variety of reasons that have absolutely no intent or purpose to distract or brainwash you. It does though and it does it very effectively. Sports teams cost a city millions of dollars every year and even millions more every time they need a fancier stadium and yet they keep all of their profit while operating tax free. Yes, you read that correctly if it seemed impossible. The NFL, NBA, NHL, and even the WNBA all rake in billions of dollars annually in ticket and merchandise sales totally tax free just like a church. Think of that the next time you mock a super fan for treating sports like it's his religion.
     People get very immersed in the lives of their favorite athletes and teams in ways that are clearly signs of mental instability but instead are viewed as being supportive of your cities sports team. It doesn't take a very hard look at it from a logical perspective to begin to see the layers of bullshit surrounding professional sports now does it. Like with most things all you really have to do is follow the money.  Owners own teams to make money, players do it for money but also a love of the game, but why do governments subsidise it? Is it because it's good for your city to have professional sports? It has to be right? Otherwise for the government to fund it and give it tax free status would seem odd. Well. turns out that professional sports are a drain on a city's economy and also contribute very little to their communities.

- Music, Movies, and TV

     This is a big one and it is a hard one to pinpoint as well because there is genuine programing and performers mixed in with the propaganda. Some of what I'm talking about here is blatantly obvious like network and cable news. There is plenty of that, definitely too much for anyone not to be aware of for arguments sake. The other stuff is there but a little harder to find because it is supposed to be. The media is the vehicle for subliminal programing in a crucial and very large way. It's very obvious once you give it a moments thought.
     I am not advocating avoiding the media and hiding your head in the sand. The media kicks ass. It's very entertaining, that's why its so damn effective at molding our thoughts and beliefs. No, I love TV and Movies and you should too. They are really cool, they kill big chunks of life and distract us briefly from our problems. I'm all for it is what I'm saying just be careful what you allow to seep into your brain while you watch that The Biggest Loser marathon or god forbid CNN or FOX news. Think for yourself and question what you are told that is the most important thing. Basically it isn't true just because Bill O'Rielly says it is. Do your own thinking.

- Race

     This one is a disgusting old standby as well. Divisions based on race have got to be the most harmful, destructive, and counter productive methods of brainwashing that humanity has been subjected to. It has almost single handily held humanity's progress back thousands of years. Think of all that could have possibly been accomplished in our time here on Earth if we weren't so hung up on our subtle differences. You don't see dogs doing that shit. A German Shepard meets a Chihuahua they sniff each others asses and everything cool. If dogs had our IQ's and thumbs we'd be on leashes tied on stakes in the yard while they drove their flying cars and time traveled in their time travel machines to get dinosaur bones to bury.
     We as a species should be ashamed of the current state of our race relations. At our core as individuals I believe for the most part we are smarter than the way we tend to become when we are in large groups. I at least hope so, and if we are we should be able to change the way things are until race and racism are no longer effective ways to turn us against each other. Until then we will never be able to unite and will continue to be puppeted by the powers that be instead of being a threat to them able to affect change and save humanity.


- Tabloid Magazines

     Ever wonder why its legal for the paparazzi to stalk and harass celebrities the way they do? Its not because they are journalists. Yes, the first amendment is the badge they hide behind but do you believe in your heart that the first amendment is what allows it? Do you believe the government is powerless to stop the violation of human beings basic civil liberties to the point that they basically live their lives in a fishbowl? I don't believe that so then why is it allowed? I believe it is allowed to go on because it entertains the masses in a way that not much else really can.
     Why do we care about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids? Don't get me wrong, they are a beautiful family but really, why do I know even one of their kids names? I have actual family members who's names I don't know or just cannot remember but I know Shiloh is actually a Pitt child's name. There isn't any reason at all for me to know that but I do. The reason that I know this and all of the other useless celebrity bullshit that I know is because is is drilled into me from every angle all the time. I can't buy a Starburst without finding out who has had a baby or pissed off the queen. It's ridiculous and done to distract you with entertainment crap that isn't important to deter your focus from what is.

- Social Media

      Picture your Facebook feed in your mind right now. What do you see? If yours is anything like mine you see selfies of friends pretending that their lives are awesome, cheesy and sometimes clever Memes, and all of your friends most passionate views on every important issue driven home with the vulgarity and intensity something of whatever political or world event has them currently riled up. Things like how the president should be impeached, but not just impeached, harmed, beaten up maybe, definitely humiliated and dragged through the streets. Treason basically if you boil it all the way down. Ever wonder why that is allowed? It's harmless is why. Ranting about all that you find wrong in the world on social media, no matter how viscous and clever or even poignant and insightful your posts might be in the end they mean nothing, do nothing, and accomplish absolutely nothing. Honestly they do more harm than good because instead of making a difference in the world your safely behind a computer screen venting to fake friends who aren't even really looking at what you post for the most part.

- Faith and Spirituality

     This one is a very strong and effective weapon which would explain why its use is the most prevalent and its impact the largest. Since time and history has first been recorded you will find the use of peoples faith and spiritual beliefs used to get them to go along with and do some pretty heinous things. This one is a hard one not only to stop but to even talk about. People get very defensive when their beliefs are called into question. Just ask anyone who has ever had their ass sued off by Scientology. But, even though this one is the hardest nut to crack of all the deeply ingrained brainwashing it must be eradicated if we are to ever move forward as a species.
     Before you get the idea that I'm an atheist and am going to bash organised religion let me tell you right away that you're mistaken. I am a Christian and proud of that fact. I'm also open minded which, prepare to have your mind blown, is completely possible it's just that we are for the most part quiet and noninvasive. I'm not alone though, there are actually plenty of level headed religious folks its just that like all other non-extremists were too quiet. Therein lies the problem though because the ones getting their voices heard are the maniacs that make faith seem equal to insanity.
     It would be great if more of the MANY level headed, rational, and loving religious leaders out there would make their voices heard as loudly as Westboro Baptist Church. That crazy cult has only like 9 or 10 members and is ALWAYS in the fucking news making everyone that believes in God look like hate mongers. Take my word for it though. A lot of religious people are open minded and understand that bottom line God is about love not hate. Jesus did not hate in the book I read and I do not believe that God does either. 

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