A Tale Of Asslessness

     I know you can't see me right now but I don't have an ass. I have a butt that I sit on of course but I do not have an ass to hold my pants up, or grab a hold of, much less cushion a fall. You know, in an emergency or something. I'll describe it this way, if you were a kid sledding down my backside there would be no ramp where an ass would normally be to jump off of.
     So since I am assless, I rock belts. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not special, a lot of people don't have asses. I am just one of them. Just one assless man telling one story of asslessness to the internet on all assless peoples behalf. I'm sure that each assless individual has their own unique story. This one is just mine. Feel free to leave your own in the comment section below.
     I am a big guy so, it doesn't make much sense that I haven't developed an ass. I've grown a big old belly, and also a really sweet pair of titties, but not really any ass to speak of. I just don't get it, but it is what it is I guess. I was just destined to be one of those people that have no ass. To walk the Earth, constantly pulling up my pants and re-tucking in my shirt till I finally slip away and die.

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