L@L2 Reviews 'Ron Burgundy Let Me Off At The Top'

     Ron Burgundy is a great man who in his own words wrote "A Hell of a Book" about Ron Burgundy's life called 'Let Me Off At The Top!'. The book, which needs to be required reading for every growing boy on his quest to manhood tells the tale of Ron Burgundy from his birth all the way to becoming the leading and best cable news anchor in the entire world. Today I would like to tell you a little about this great book by one Hell of a man and an all American news anchor with the greatest news team in the history of news. You absolutely need to go out to your favorite bookstore right now and either buy or steal yourself a copy of this very important piece of history and absorb its wisdom and life advice. Sit back and soak in the wonderful stories Ron Burgundy has been good enough to share about his impressive and inspiring life.
     Written during a period of eight years amidst Burgundy's rise to the top of both the local network and cable news worlds, the story spans Ron Burgundy's entire life from his humble beginnings growing up in the tiny mining town of Haglesworth Illinois, he tells us of his first love, the forbidden fruit of the much older woman Jenny Haglesworth, he personally takes you through how he built the best damn news team in all of news, and it doesn't stop there either. Ron also shares his many love affairs, and even brings you along on a secret mission that he did for the C.I.A. all told in the words of the very man himself.  As you can imagine the story of Ron Burgundy's life is a captivating and erotically charged thrill ride of sex, news, vengeance, fighting, love, and drinking. Ron even shares just a little bit of the little known true origin and history of Mexico in this gripping, important and really just super classy memoir.
     This remarkable tale of friendship, news, fighting, history, and sex engrosses you in the story as you learn the important life lessons that Ron Burgundy teaches you in this captivating tale of the life of a great newsman, and a loyal dog owner, a semi-loyal husband, a great lover, and a true pioneer of the art of being classy and successful. Ron Burgundy gets what he wants and if you want to learn the art of being classy you need to read this book.

     I would like to end my review of Ron Burgandy's master work by sharing just a few of my favorite passages just in case you still need a little more convincing of this books greatness,

1. Ron ' s Days At Our Lady Queen Of Chewbacca High School

     "If the town of Hagglesworth, with its burning streets and ash heaps and high murder rate, was a grim place to grow up, no effort was made inside the walls of Out Lady Queen Of Chewbacca High School to make us think otherwise.  The hallways of the high school were some of the most dangerous thoroughfares in town.  Grown men didn't like walking those halls.  Because of the towns mining tradition, much of the school was dug underground.  If you weren't careful, one wrong turn and you could get lost for days.  Rumor had it that somewhere in the deep, past the teachers lounge and further down into the sub basement, there was a Minotaur."

2. How To Break A Horse Like A Man

     "I start off by gently whispering in their ear, "My name is Ron Burgandy and I respect you, great and proud animal.  Your lineage from winged Pegasus on down to Trigger is well-known to all.  I too am well known.  I am a very popular News Anchor and I do quite well with the ladies, if you know what I mean.  What else... oh, here's something - you, sir, are a piece of shit and I own you.  Do you hear me?  I own you and you are basically my bitch."

3.  How To Relate To Children

     "If you're not careful a child can spin you into a suicidal drain from which only pills and sex and circus rides can save you. Their brains are mysterious puzzles that confound all human reasoning. I've been very frustrated talking to children  and I'll admit it, I'm always a little terrified of them. If you get in a room alone with one you can't help but start thinking about how irrational they are. --- I was locked in a room with a small girl one time who started to speak backward. I nearly fainted but summoned the courage to try and kill her. I was moving toward her with intent when the child's mother came into the room and stopped me. She explained that they were from Poland and the child was trying to talk to me in Polish. I guess they speak backward in Poland."

     That was just three examples of what a truly wonderfully written and important book about this generations most talented wisest most attractive and manliest mans man Ron Burgandy. I could have picked hundreds more, thousands if I'd wanted but then I'd get sued and So what are you waiting for? Do something nice for yourself today and go buy a copy or two of Mr. Burgandy's terrific book 'Let Me Off At The Top'. You'll love it and you'll cherish it for years and years to come. Happy reading and as Ron himself would say remember to stay classy.   


  1. Definitely have to try that method of horse training! Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. From what Mr Burgandy says it's really the only way.


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