Blogging, and why I do it

     Hi, my name is Shawn and I am an addict.  I am addicted to blogging.  I do not know why.  I don't understand my obsession with blogging in the slightest bit but, the fact remains, I cannot stop doing it.  I know this because this blog is a constant pain in my ass, yet it if the very first page I load up every time I start up my computer, and this blog is something that I think about all the time.  I'm sick, and I need help.
     This little blog drives me nuts!  I don't even know how to blog honestly.  I treat this thing like it is a website and I scrutinize every thing I post even though I've never made a single dime from doing it, and for all I know no one even reads it.  I could just be a madman screaming jokes at an empty room.  There are probably 50,000 things that I could be doing with my time that are way more productive, and certainly more beneficial than working on my little comedy blog but, I don't even do 1 of those 50,000 things.  No, I sit and watch a counter rise ever so slowly and do all I can to keep that number climbing towards God knows what for no reason or reward what-so-ever.
     Is it better than spending my free time watching cartoons and brainless sit-com's?  Yes, of course it is, but so is staring at an empty wall.  Is it as sad as collecting unopened action figures while living my adult life out a virgin who lives in his mothers basement?  Slightly, but not much isn't.  Is it bettering my life at all, in any way?  No, it isn't.  It is slowly driving me insane.  That is what it is doing.
     I'm a comedian.  I love to make people laugh.  I love to tell jokes and make people happy.  How I became consumed with doing what is usually rewarded by laughter in a comedy club, where comedy is meant to live, to doing it silently on the Internet rewarded only by a slowly climbing visit counter confuses me endlessly.  Yet, here I sit, rattling away at a Denny's typing my nonsense feverishly in hopes that people read it, and someone, anyone, takes just ten seconds out of their day to let me know they were here and enjoyed their visit.
     The only explanation I can offer as to why I continue to do this is that I am addicted.  I love to work on this little blog.  And, I guess that is just going to have to be OK.  I'm not hurting anyone with my obsession and it could be worse.  I could have tried crack instead of blogging in my free time.  If I had I'd be less full of cheese fries right now, and instead of enduring Denny's slow internet right now I'd probably be living in a box in the alley behind it.    


  1. I read your stuff and as long as you promise not to get all crazy about tracking down your readers, I'll keep reading. I belong to this group and the only way to access our blog full of news is thru an email link. At the last meeting, the President said one capability they have is to see who clicks the link. Out of hundreds of members, only 7 have done so. ahahaha! And yet so creepy You write comedy about things that happen at Denny's?.

  2. I actually am working on a piece about Denny's events that I will post in the near future. Also, I promise to never track you down. I am far too lazy for that. Thanks for reading an commenting my fellow blogging friend.


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