Patton Oswalt Tribute

If you hit a midget on the head with a stick he turns in to forty gold coins -- Patton Oswalt

     Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite comics.  I have always loved his sense of humor ever since I first discovered him.  I am pretty sure that Patton could read the phonebook and make it hilarious.  His voice, and comic delivery are just that good.  You may already know Patton as the voice of Remy in the animated film Ratatouille, or as Spence Olchin on the TV show King of Queens, but until you have treated yourself to his stand-up, you don't yet know Patton Oswalt.  To better illustrate this point, I've included a clip of his stand-up below. Enjoy,



  1. I am not familiar with him, either by name or looks. Ron White makes my husband giggle like a school girl.


    1. I like Ron White as well. Maybe one day he'll get his own Laughing at Life, 2 tribute.

  2. Patton is funny as hell. I first saw him on King of Queens. His statement on the Boston Bombing was absolutely perfect.

  3. Funny story - my wife and I sat next to Patton Oswalt once at a wedding reception. We were friends of the groom, he and his girlfriend were friends of the bride. But, it was before he made it big so we just thought of him as a funny guy with a memorable name.

    About a month after we got back home, Comedy Central started running ads for his first special. The rest, of course, is history.

  4. Stand-up comics are a breed of their own.


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