Laughing News - Celebrity News, 11/2/12

Hockey is locked out and, Wayne Gretzky's Daughter is smoking hot.  However, Gretzky says "You can't date her."  "I don't want anyone dating my Daughter especially not a broke amateur blogger."  He even added he wouldn't even let Chuck Norris at her no matter how crazy tough Chuck may be.

Britney Spears' Family wins case against Sam Lufti although Britney accidentally swallowed a penny.  Brit's OK but, she said the penny was totally gross.
Edward Furlong was arrested in an airport from what the source of all things important, TMZ, says for beating his girlfriend during an argument.  What happened to the cute little kid in T2 that was teaching the killing machine manners?  We at Laughing News feel that every Woman put him and all abusers on lock-down from the loving so we can maybe weed the 'Douchebag' gene out of existence forever. 

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