Last to the Party, episode 3

Last to the Party,
episode 3

“Welcome to ‘Last to the Party', where I share the funny videos I’m just finding out about with all of you out there  who are as un-cool as I am… If you’re not as un-cool as me and your seeing this just be cool about it.  Laugh politely for whoever is showing you this OK.  You don’t have to be a d*ck”

                Today I’m going to share ‘Jake and Amir’ from the guys at College Humor with you guys here.  'Jake and Amir' is a web series about two guys, one named Jake and the other Amir, who somehow keep their jobs despite their constant hijinks.  Jake is the pairs straightman and Amir the doofus constantly causing trouble.  I find their adventures in stupidity hilarious and hopefully you will too.  Just click below to see a sample video of this comedy duo in action...

Well there you have it.  Thanks for coming to Laughing at Life 2 for episode 3 of Last to the Party.  I hope you enjoyed Jake and Amir as much as I do.  Come back next month for more videos that I'm somehow just now finding out about.
Thanks for coming to ‘Last to the Party’, we enjoyed your visit.  Come back for Laughing News vol4 very soon...,
Bye 4 now,

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