Socks and Sex,

     I saw a recent survey in my imagination that asked if guys hated when their girl wore socks during sex. Here's what I think about it...
Who cares if she's wearing socks? I'm getting myself some SEX.

Hell, truth be told, I don't even know if she's wearing socks unless she tells me.
Not because I don't do foreplay, I do crazy amounts of foreplay. Too much really.  Hell, my foreplay game is really almost too good but, I just always spend all my focus mainly on the breasts.
I always mean to do more down lower but, I'm sorry, I just get so darn excited round the boobs and, get lost there.
You call me crazy but, to me, breasts are just way more interesting than feet. And, I actually love me some sexy feet.
...Now, if she ever tries to wears her shirt during sex, well then we've got ourselves a problem.
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