Manly Love Advice - B is for Buy Candy

Buy Her Candy

     Girls like chocolate because it is delicious and everybody likes it. You should buy it for them because they will think that it is sweet of you to do that and I also read that a chemical in chocolate turns chicks on so that's good too. Candy doesn't cost much so you can buy it for her often. Any kind of candy will do to give her a small smile. Go ahead and try it. Buy her some candy tonight and see for yourself.


  1. I find petrol station flowers for (and this is the important bit) ABSOLUTELY NO REASON works just as well and, since she can't eat them, they last longer too.

    1. Also nice. Anything that shows you were thinking of them is good. I like little stuffed animals too.

  2. I do like chocolate - especially dark chocolate since it is considered healthier. But if she's on a diet, don't bother. Your gift of chocolate could be seen as undermining her efforts to lose weight.

  3. Unless she happens to be diabetic and/or allergic to the artificial sweetener in diabetic-acceptable candies... candy isn't always the answer, but good try ;)
    Best Wishes!

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  4. I try so hard... (sad face)

  5. My advice to my son, when he was about to embark on marriage was that once a month she'd get mean and nasty. When that happened to go to the kitchen and make the homemade fudge I'd taught him to make, take it too her and give her some space.


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