This year for the A to Z Challenge I have decided to get a little personal with my loyal readers. During this years A to Z I am going to explore 26 of my many pet peeves. I hate almost everything so filling the alphabet will be a breeze. Today our letter is X so lets do 'Xtra Hard Letters To Write About.'
     I have had just about enough of X. X gives me trouble every A to Z challenge that I do and I have come to really dislike X especially in the month of April. You see, not a whole lot of words start with X which makes your choices for a topic to write about for that particular letter is very slim. It makes it really hard to fit a topic into your theme when you only have three words to choose from. Other than that I don't have anything against X so if we could just invent some more cool words that start with X I think eventually X will become acceptable again.

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