Neil Degrasse Tyson Is An Arrogant Ass

     The more I see of Neil Degrasse Tyson the less I like the man. What bothers me about a guy like Neil Degrasse Tyson is his arrogance. I don't deny him his belief that God doesn't exist and that it is ridiculous to think that he does. He can believe whatever he wants. I do however take issue with him claiming that it is proven that God doesn't exist and even laughing in the faces of people who believe otherwise. I take issue with that behavior for two reasons. Reason one would be that it is just downright rude not to mention unprofessional and childish behavior especially from such an educated man. The second reason  I take issue with his claims is because there is not any proof that God doesn't exist and claiming that it does quite frankly makes him look idiotic.

     I can see the comment section for this piece now, "Your a moron Shawn, don't you even know about science"? So yes, just to get it out of the way up front, I have heard of science. I actually really love science. I excelled in the subject all throughout school and have continued to pursue knowledge about different discoveries and what not all along my life. I like to learn, I'm a nerd. I have yet to learn about any discovery or scientific revelation that proves for a fact that God doesn't exist. To claim that there is solid proof when there is none makes him look absolutely ridiculous. He looks like some mad raving loon sometimes as he makes his outrages statements and claims or degrades someone publicly whose views and beliefs differ from his own.

     The frustrating thing about this little problem of mine with Neil Degrasse Tyson is that he is obviously an extremely smart and well educated man which makes his condescending behavior all the more confusing. He should know better. He has to see that it is rude not to mention downright mean to act that way. I don't expect him to believe me that his views are wrong nor am I trying to change his views. I just feel that a man of his intelligence should be able to better express himself and also know when not to express himself.



  1. I'm in such agreement on him being an arrogant ass. Him and Bill Nye both piss me off- as liberal, evolution-believing home educator, I could stand if both of them stuffed their arrogance, attacks against home education as if we were all conservative Christian drones, and make a secular based home ed science curriculum

    1. It's a real turn off the way those two act. I chose to focus on Neil here because he is just so hateful and ignorant about it. They both do a lot of generalizing and stereotyping as you mentioned and they make such ridiculous and uninformed statements for such smart men.


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