My Problem With Miley Cyrus

     I have a problem with Miley Cyrus and it isn't that she has decided to completely sleaze up her image and just become a total crazy skank.  No, all of that I'm fine with, my problem with Miley is that she only looks uncomfortable and awkward when she's trying to be sexy.  Her version of sexy provocative dancing just makes me soft and sad.  She's either just so repressed and sheltered from her Disney upbringing that she is just a retarded level of horny, or more likely, she's just actually retarded.
     Nothing about Miley Cyrus or anything she does turns me on.  She is a cute girl, really very pretty, but everything sexy she tries to do just looks really uncomfortable and sad to me.  Like if she was at my house watching TV or something and pulled that shit I'd just get her a blanket and a hot chocolate and ask her if she needed someone just to listen and be her friend. The furthest thing from my mind would be having sex with her.
     I want to make one thing clear before my intentions here get sidetracked. It's not that I'm offended by Miley's antics. I am more than fine with a grown woman expressing her sexuality and living her life however makes her happy. The only reason I'm even calling Miley out on this is because, one she is a celebrity and, like it or not, ask for it of not, she is a role model to little girls. Now, I don't believe that being famous obligates anyone to live their life like a perfect role model, don't get me wrong. I also believe the paparazzi is evil and celebrities deserve their privacy as much as anyone else so they can live normal lives and fuck up quietly just like everybody else. My problem with little miss Cyrus is what she does it in the public eye only. Its disturbing is why I'm concerned and not in the way you might think. It's disturbing because we are clearly exploiting a mentally handicap person.
     Everything I see Miley Cyrus do fucking screams out "Somebody Help Me Please! I cannot control myself and am surrounded by idiots and record executives that let me do whatever the hell I want to do at all time!". Let's just publicly accept her as an adult, and a serious musician who has many hit songs like she wants us to so she can stop humiliating herself.  If we keep encouraging her current behavior not only are we taking advantage of a clearly unstable person but we are just begging to make her the next Madonna and, quite frankly, once was enough of that. So, cool out a little bit Miley, we get it. You're all growed up now. You can stop. Well, you don't have to stop but, you are on ten - try dialing that back to maybe a six. Just keep on writing your catchy little pop songs everyone seems to really like and be famous, successful, and happy. You really don't have to humiliate yourself the way you are while you're doing it.

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