5 Funniest Pieces Of Men's Room Graffiti

     Men's room stalls have always been a ready canvas just waiting for an idiot with a pen to scribble their misspelled gems of wisdom, jokes, and viscous racism on them.  I for one love to read these hastily scribbled moronic masterpieces and consider myself a connoisseur of the art of restroom stall vandalism.  If your like me and love to read bathroom stall graffiti you will find none better than the ones you can find in truck stop bathrooms.  The following are my personal favorites that I have found on the men's room stalls in my time working at a truck stop.

#5. For a good time call the police?
     This one actually made the list because of the story behind it.  Everyone has seen the standard 'For a good time call 555-5555' graffiti on a bathroom stall.  Most of the time in regular bathrooms that number is actually just a jaded losers ex-girlfriends phone number.  At truck stops though prostitution is an actual problem and this graffiti was actually placed as a sting by the local police.  So, when Joe Truckdriver dialed up to arrange his 'good time' he was actually making a date to spend the night in jail for soliciting prostitution.

#4. Help, I can't see my willy when I look down!
     This one struck a personal chord with me because not only is it funny but, as a fat guy myself, it also hit me close to home.

#3. Only white people pee on the floor.
     This one is great because it works on so many levels. It can be everything from a nonsensical comment to a derogatory racial statement.  It all depends on how insecure the person reading it is.  Is the artist trying to say that white guys have no manners?  Or is it a statement that white boys have worse aim because their wieners are further from the bowl?    

#2. I'm gonna save half of this for later.
     This slayed me and disturbed me all at once. It's brilliant in it's simplicity but, at the same time it also raises so many questions.  Was he eating a sandwich while on the john but could only finish half of it, or is he actually enjoying his bowl movement so much that he doesn't want to run through it all in one sitting?

#1. Is it possible to not smell your fingers after you scratch your balls?
     I think it's clear why this particular gem is in my number one spot.  It's not only hilarious, it also has the potential to surpass the question of whether when a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound.  Because honestly, is it possible to not sniff your fingers after a good ball scratch?  Much like the Tootsie Pop owls endless quest to find out what the magic number of licks it takes to reach that tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop is the world just may never know.
     I hope you have enjoyed this collection of funny bathroom stall comedy that I've assembled here for you.  If you have some pearls of bathroom comedy that you have found please share them with me in the comments below.  Till next time thank you for stopping by and Laughing at Life, 2.    

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