5 Reasons Donald Trump Is Terrible For America

     Donald Trump's presidential campaign is one of the best and also the worst thing ever to happen to America all at the same time. First off obviously Donald Trump as a presidential candidate is a comedians wet dream all by itself and let me tell you so far it has been amazing. He has already surpassed even our wildest of dreams and election season is just getting started. So far in his campaign the main thing he has shown us is that he is without shame and his ridiculousness knows no bounds. So far we have learned that he likes to build walls, he hates Muslims and Mexicans, he really wants to bang his daughter but cant because he is her father, he also thinks that the disabled are humorous and that mocking them publicly is fun, but mostly we learned that he really fucking loves Donald Trump and thinks that he can fix everything wrong everywhere easily. The scariest part is that despite all of that political suicide and pure comedy gold that I listed above he is he is actually the Republican party front runner and despite being a maniacal moron and an obvious joke no other candidate is showing any sign of taking him down. As of right now Donald Trump could actually become President of the United States of America and that my friends is some seriously scary shit.

5. The Things He Says Are Harmful To America

     When you're laughing at the things that Donald Trump says or does most of the time it is in the way that you do when your racist uncle tells a joke at Thanksgiving dinner. Then there are of course the times when you're listening to The Donald and it's again a lot like when your racist uncle is telling a joke but now he's telling it on television in front of the whole world as someone who's trying to become president of the United States of America. Not just trying to, but actually doing well at it. How do you think a Trump rally looks to the rest of the world? If your answer was, I don't care then you are a moron probably at a Trump rally. I think it looks a lot like an Isis or Al Qaeda propaganda video does to us. At the very least it looks insane which isn't a very positive image of America for the world.

4. He Is Making Stupid People More Dangerous

     When Donald Trump says something racist or stupid racist and stupid people take that as justification of their moronic beliefs. That is a very dangerous thing as you can already see from Trump's campaign. At multiple Trump rallies minority protesters were beaten up often while the crowd was being cheered on by Trump himself. Now, you may disagree with someones views but encouraging and condoning that kind of behaviour is unacceptable. How can you support a presidential candidate who participates in and condones that type of behaviour? You can't as far as I see and if you see it differently I am afraid of you. That kind of stupid just has got to be dangerous.

3. He Is A Master Fear Mongerer 

     It seems as though Donald Trump got his campaign strategy directly from Fox News which is a stupid thing to say because he obviously did. It all started with his ridiculous wall when he called immigrants rapists and criminals and it has now spread to hate speech against Muslims. I understand that the world has become a scary place these days. To say that things in the world today are pretty fucked up would be an understatement. It's bad. It is really bad and I agree we need to fix it. Thing is though, when selecting the leader to help fix the problem make sure you use logic and not fear influence your decision. Fear is often used as a diversionary tactic. I don't see how a racist fear mongering billionaire is the answer to any problem especially not this one.

2. He Is Arrogantly Dishonest

      I understand that every politician lies. Lying doesn't make Donald Trump special. What makes Donald Trump special is that The Donald has absolutely no problem completely making something up and then standing behind it no matter how wrong it ends up being proven to be. He does not give one single fuck if something he says to rile up his followers or answer a debate question is incorrect. The truth does not matter one bit to Donald Trump. That's because The Donald knows that public opinion is stronger than truth. It doesn't matter if something is true it only matters that the masses believe it's true. People tend to be sheep and sheep are easily led astray by bullshit and fear tactics.

1. He Looks Ridiculous

     Bottom line, our president can not look like that. It is not alright for our president to have that ridiculous comb-over, spray tan, and mafia inspired vocabulary and fashion sense. Sure, for a ridiculous reality TV star those things are all fine, great even. But, for someone who we need foreign leaders to take seriously we can't have that shit going on. My main point here is the joke is starting to stop being funny and starting to get scary. It's time to realize we are picking a president here and knock this silly shit off already. Because, quite frankly I think it's making us look ridiculous. Not only on the world stage but just in general if we let it go on much longer. It's just gotten to the point where it is irresponsible to allow this nonsense to continue any longer.



  1. I think the Republican National Committee is scared of his popularity. If he continues to be the frontrunner and they don't give him the nomination (they really don't want to), then he will probably run anyway as an independent. He said as much in the first Republican debate.

    If he runs independently, he will take the votes of his supporters with him splitting the Republican vote and handing the presidency to the Democrats. I am curious to see what they will choose to do. Either choice is bad for their party.

    1. That all sounds like good news to me.


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