23 Amazing Facts About Bacon

- Roughly 11% of a pigs weight is made up of useable meat for bacon.

- 3 slices of cooked bacon equals approximately 100 calories and properly cooked tastes 105% awesome.

- Statistically 71% of the time bacon and eggs are eaten together as a meal.

- Restaurants and the food service industry use more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon a year.

- The United States alone consumed an estimated 32 billion slices of bacon last year alone.

- A pigs tail isn't always curly. It can also be kinky, or even straight.

- Eating bacon can cure a hangover.

- 19% of pork that is consumed annually is in bacon form.

- Statistics show that 70% of bacon is consumed at breakfast time.

- Most bacon bits aren't baon at all. They are mostly vegetarian. Always look for the 'Real' bacon bits.

- A 200 pound pig can produce approximately 20 lbs of bacon.

- Statistically people tend to eat more bacon if they are over 34 years old.

- Bacon contains vitamin B12 which helps fight anaemia and boosts vitality.

- Denmark consumes the most bacon annually of any country on Earth.

- The average person will at least eat bacon for breakfast 12 times a year.

- 23% of men rank bacon as their favorite fragrance.

- Bacon has a patron saint and his name is Saint Anthony The Abbot.

- Bacon contains 0% Trans Fats.

- Bacon is addictive, Seriously, it contains 6 types of umami which produce an addictive neurochemical response.

- 59% of bacon is consumed Monday thru Friday.

- Almost half of the fat in bacon is "good fat" that can actually help to lower bad cholesterol.

- BLT sandwiches became popular after WW2 when supermarkets grew larger making fresh lettuce and tomatoes available year round.

- Oscar Mayer first patented sliced, packaged bacon in 1924.

- Bacon love is on the rise. Bacon-related menu items at restaurants have grown 7% annually in the last few years. 

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