Why Lazy People Shouldn't Garden

     This is an actual picture of my garden that I took this morning. If you can't find it in what seems to be just a picture of weeds it's where the corn is in the middle. You might not have noticed at first that the taller weeds were corn but that is only because your not used to seeing corn when its this sad and defeated. Also pictured there in my garden are cucumber plants, tomatoes,  lettuce, peppers, watermellons, and pumpkins. You may need to enhance the image to find them but I assure you that they are there.
     My garden didn't always look like this. Not long ago it was a proud garden with luscious vegetables and fruit that I watered and cared for daily. We even made salsa from the tomatoes and peppers that we grew in it. But then I just got bored with it. I dont know why but I clearly did and then the weeds happened. Now as you can see it's just a vegetable graveyard reminding everyone just how lazy I really am.

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