Mitch Hedberg Tribute

 Mitch Hedberg 2/24/68 - 3/29/05

"I used to take drugs. I still do, but I used to too." -- Mitch Hedberg, 2/24/68 - 3/29/05

     I was instantly blown away when I first discovered Mitch Hedberg.  It was on a late night repeat of his half hour Comedy Central stand-up special 'Mitch All Together'.  His jokes were so perfectly crafted to fit his relaxed delivery and shy, yet very controlled and brilliantly paced stage presence.  Mitch pulled you into his comedy instantly with the quick and witty style of his jokes.  Mitch Hedberg made making a room full of people laugh hysterically, something that is very hard to do for an hour, look very easy.

     Mitch began his career in Florida before moving to Seattle where he first started to tour as a headliner.  His first big break in comedy came from an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman.  He went on to appear on Letterman many times becoming a regular guest appearing on Dave's show 9 times.  Mitch went on to win the Seattle Comedy Competition in 1997.  From there he went on to appearances on That 70's Show, he also recorded three comedy cd's, and completed his very own independent film, 'Los Enchiladas!'.  In 1999 he married Canadian comedian Lynne Shawcroft.  Mitch and Lynne were happily married up until his untimely death in 2005.

     Despite suffering from severe stage fright Mitch was captivating to watch even while wearing his trademark sunglasses with his eyes either all the way closed or looking straight down.  He was a gifted writer and had an endearing spirit that allowed his unique comedy presentation feel believable and real.  Like Mitch is just over at your friends house telling you jokes.  I feel like those special talents will ensure that Mitch Hedberg's comedy will live on forever and he will be rightfully respected as one of the all time greats.  It is in that thought that I can find at least a little solace in the fact that he was taken from us so early.
     There will never be another comic like Mitch Hedberg, and if you don't believe me about that just try telling a Mitch Hedberg joke as good as he did.  Only Mitch Hedberg can tell a Mitch Hedberg joke.  It's really is just a shame that he couldn't get to stick around awhile longer so he could think of a few more things funny enough to get up and write down and share them with his fans for a few more laughs and memories.
     Mitch Hedberg was a one of a kind comic talent that is a big hero of mine which is why I chose to write this tribute to him and his comedy.  I, and his many fans, friends, and family will miss him greatly.  At least we still have his comedy and we always will.  Enjoy this short compilation of Mitch's comedy I found on YouTube to share with you in this tribute.

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