Excerpt from Sex and Bacon Sandwiches

     The novel 'Sex and Bacon Sandwiches' doesn't exist, but I thought it would be fun to pretend that it does and to also pretend that the following is also an excerpt from that book that I chose to share with you here today.  Enjoy,

     ...Bacon sandwiches always reminded her of sex with Sebastian.  Sebastian really loved sex, but everybody knew that what he really loved was bacon sandwiches.  She couldn't even count how many times they'd had naked bacon sandwich fueled sex sessions.  She couldn't forget them either because Sebastian was great at making bacon sandwiches, and he was pretty good at having sex too.
     She still had his number in her phone and, she also just remembered that she happened to have bought 3 large packages of bacon, lettuce, and the good mayo at the grocery store just yesterday.  All she needed now was a big juicy tomato, and sexy Sebastian.  So she took her phone and texted him a sweet, but sexy. and direct message and then just sat there and waited for his reply.
     Five minutes passed before her phone beeped letting her know that his reply text had finally come.  She could feel the excitement rise in her as she opened his message.  It was just a simple reply.  Only 3 words, it said "who is this?". 
     Her excitement grew deep in her loins as she replied, "It's me silly, Briana, remember we used to eat all those bacon sandwiches together naked.".  Satisfied with her coy reply she hit the send key.
     Ten minutes later her phone went off alerting her of a new text from Sebastian.  She rushed right off the toilet to go grab her phone so she could read his reply.  Again it was just a short and sweet message,  only 3 words, "You have bacon? ".  Her nipples swelled and hardened as she replied that yes, yes she did.  She had plenty of bacon.
     Not even a full twelve seconds passed before her phone chimed with his reply.  "On my way, just took a Cialis so, heat up the griddle."...

     I imagine that if that was from a real romance novel a whole lot of sex and bacon sandwiches would be just a few pages away.  Since it isn't we will just have to pretend or, creative types can leave their suggestions below for what happens next in the comments.  See you next time I make something up for us to share here.



  1. My nipples are all moist after reading that. (That's good right?)

    1. That is fantastic Flip! I am very glad that I can moistify your nips like that with my words.

  2. I'm glad someone recognizes that making bacon is an art. I mean literally making bacon. Not to be confused with 1920's slang making bacon which was sex.

    1. I did not know that 'making bacon' was a slang for sex, but I love it! It's hard to make bacon right. I can't do it.


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