3 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Should Not Be Famous

Fame and fortune is a very funny and fickle thing. True artists struggle for years crafting their skill and dealing with mountains of rejection before ever breaking through. Then you have the spoiled rich kids like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, and the Kardashians who are famous for being rich, spoiled, and a public spectacle. They have contribute nothing to society except for filling trash tabloid magazines, and...  Kim Kardashian has no business being famous. No Kardashian does for that matter not Khloe, not Kourtney, and for damn sure not their evil mother. Kim seems to be the most famous Kardashian, so even though their mom is the evil fame pimp of this bunch, but I think if Kim's fame ended the whole damn Kardashian clan would vanish with her.  Ending this unwarranted media circus would be a huge step towards making our generation just a little less pathetic.

1. Kim Kardashian is not nearly attractive enough to be famous for it

I am not, I repeat not saying that Kim Kardashian is ugly. She is cute sure, but lets be real here, she is a strong 7 on a 10 scale tops.  Being a 7 does not warrant dominating the check-out lane tabloid trash magazines.  I've seen much hotter women than Kim Kardashian working at McDonald's making burgers and fries.  If we are rewarding good looks with money and fame we should really set our standards just a little bit higher.

2. She has no notable talent whatsoever

Kim Kardashian doesn't sing, she doesn't dance, and she certainly isn't interesting or intelligent.  I have yet to discover what she actually does do besides bang rappers and act like a stuck up spoiled brat.  Are we really so bored as a society that we need to constantly be inside the life of a spoiled rich girl that thinks that she is way prettier and entertaining than she actually is?  If so what does that say about us?  If we have to be obsessed with celebrities can't we at least focus our admiration on those that contribute something to society?  Hell, I'd rather read 8,000 Ke$ha articles than one Kim Kardashian article and I don't even like Ke$ha but, at least Ke$ha has talent.
3. Sure she's marrying a star but he's a falling star.

Her last clinging attempt to stay relevant has been to hook her wagon up to a star. Sure Kayne West is famous now but, he is a rapper and his street cred fades faster and faster every time his name is mentioned along with the Kardashian name. He has become a joke, a sad parody of himself.  The end result of that relationship will either be Kayne waking up and realizing how much of a sad spectacle he has turned himself into and ditching her, or Kim leaving him for whoever is still famous enough to keep her name in the headlines when he no longer is.

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