Bartender Joke

Three guys walk into a bar. The first guy walks up to the bar and sits down. The bartender asks him what hes drinking? The man says, "I'll have a rum and coke." The bartender then reaches behind the bar and after a couple seconds the bartender hands him an apple. "What the hell is this?! I asked you for a rum and coke, damn it!" the bartender looks to him and says, "Trust me, just eat it." "No way man this is an apple, I want my drink!" "Trust me," says the bartender. So the guy decides, eh why not and bites into it. "Whoa!" he exclaims. "That tastes like rum!!" "Flip it over," says the bartender. And so he does. "Whoa!!" he exclaims again, "this side tastes like coke! That's amazing how did you do that?" The bartender says nothing and gives the man a wink. The second guy walks in, sits down and orders a gin and tonic. Then he gets an apple same as the first guy and finally bites into it. "Whoa!!" he says, "that tastes like gin!" "Flip it over," says the bartender. "That side tastes like tonic! That's amazing!" And now the third guy walks up, with the first two explaining to him how awesome this bartender is. "These apples taste just like the drinks we ordered!" exclaimed the first. "He can make it taste like anything you want!" says the second guy. "Anything?" the third guy asks? "Well Mr. Bartender, in that case, I want one that tastes like pussy!" Thinking he had him stumped the bartender shrugs, and after a couple seconds hands him an apple. He bites into it and immediately spits it out, "This apple tastes like Shit!!" he yelled. The bartender just smiles and coolly replies, "flip it over."

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