Truck Stop Love Story (Excerpt)

A short excerpt from a romance novel that doesn't really exist because I made it up..,

     ...A very busy man on his way to his wife's parents house stopped at a very busy truck stop because she was nagging him to get her some gum. He didn't want to stop because they were making really good time and his life was pathetic and that actually really mattered to him. He had stopped anyway because she was nagging really hard and he was sick of hearing about the damn gum. He went in the truck stop by himself and right away saw the line for the register was very long, he was going to lose all the time he had made up by leaving early. There was nothing he could do though because she wasn't going to shut up until she got her gum and he knew it. He got the gum she liked and took his spot in the back of the line. A disgusting toothless trucker smiled his gummy stupid grin hello at him and he nodded politely back. At least he hoped it was politely. The greasy fat toothless trucker was harder to look at than stand the smell of. He couldn't wait to get his white collar, middle class ass out of here. The whole place reeked of coffee and hot dogs and there wasn't a very good teeth to people ratio.
     He kept his head down and waited patiently because honestly hicks scared him to death. While he waited his turn and minded his own business a young woman who seemed to know a lot of people in the truck stop walked up to him and with the biggest saddest eyes asked him, "Can you spare some change please mister?" she looked sweet, and innocent in her tight pink halter top with her creamy young tits oozing perkily out the top. Her boobs were so amazing that he almost didn't notice her skin tight daisy duke style cut off short pants. She looked so sad, vulnerable and sexy begging him for pocket change and he found that he really wanted to help her but he only had hundred dollar bills and she was cute but not a hundred Dollars cute she was a seven tops. It was something in the symmetry of her face that threw her off but he could tell that in the right light she could be a ten. Plus, huge luscious cans or not, his wife was right outside waiting in the car. She leaned in closer and whispered in his ear, "Please mister, I want a Snickers really bad and I don't have any more money to spend. If you buy me candy and a soda pop I'll share it with you in my tent in the woods out back. A snickers is far too big for me to eat all by myself anyway." She moved in even closer because she could see she had him on the ropes now. "We can even share a soda because they sell them here."
     "I'm really sorry Mam, but I don't have any change and my wife is right out front." The man said trying to look into her eyes as he spoke but failing miserably. "Why don't you ask the manager if he will give you a snickers and a soda?"  She looked so sad when he had refused her that he began to get hard very fast. He could feel his penis bulging as he added, "He might help you out."
     "No, he won't." She said, "I already asked him." She looked down at her shoes and then back up at the man and when she did he could have sworn her eyes were twice as big as they were before. "We can eat the snickers fast and I'm real quick at drinking soda mister. It won't take but a minute."

     He thought it over while he waited for his turn at the register and the sexy young candy and soda loving friend he had just made waited quietly. When he was next in line at the register she bent down to tie her shoe and he could have sworn his zipper cut into him. It was the first time in his life he understood the scene in Something About Mary where Ben Stiller gets his business stuck on his zipper. I always wondered how that had happened but now I knew. He didn't zip up over it, it went through the zipper. In that moment as he stared at her no more than 25 year old Shakira like ass in those tight little frayed short shorts.
     When he looked back up from her sweet caboose squeezed into those denim coochie cutters he was next in line. He walked directly up to the cashier, slammed a crisp hundred on the counter and bought himself a Snickers and their largest fountain soda. His new large breasted friend squealed with excitement and kissed him right on his cheek before rushing to the soda fountain to select her beverage. The man followed closely behind her holding tightly to the Snickers bar.
     She chose Mountain Dew for her soda. Which was fine with him because it was his favorite soda and he didn't really care about the soda anyway. He was looking forward to going to her tent out back. So excited that he had completely forgotten that his wife was out front in the car waiting for her gum. Before he could remember that his wife was waiting out in the car or thought about his responsibilities he was heading out the double glass doors that led out of the back of the establishment with a sexy young thing he had just bought candy and a soda that they were now heading out to her tent to enjoy.
     "Thanks for the candy Mister, my name is Cinnamon." she said over her shoulder as she led him outside to her tent...

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