Why Brian Williams Wasn't All Wrong

     NBC in particular but also certain members of the news media are being far too hard on Brian Williams. Yes, he screwed up pretty big. But to treat him like he broke some cardinal law of journalism in this day and age is to pretend that journalism still even exists. He was an Anchorman of the nightly news yes, but I think we all agree that he was no Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite and the Woodward and Bernstein type reporters of the 70's just no longer exist. Its sad, but its also a fact. Real journalists, if there are even any still left, are dinosaurs. The news as it exists today is a joke compared to what it once was and its sad when you think of what it could have become. It's been bought and sold now. Its reduced to entertainment journalism and sound bites. It's all just sensationalism and misdirection disguised as journalism as the news channels frantically try to fill up 24 hours of every day with news while also making it seem interesting enough to hold on to the short attention spans of its viewers who have 200 other better channels and shows to chose from.
     If you don't believe me just watch Fox News for 5 minutes and you will see at least six full minutes worth of pure and total bullshit and propaganda masqueraded as news. Thing is though, and this is what is upsetting Williams's critics the most deep down, is that they don't insert themselves into the story and make themselves part of it. Yes, they lie, they just don't lie in the same way. Apparently the way Brian Williams lied violated their moral code which, quite frankly, I'm actually glad to see that they have morals because I had come to believe that they did not.
     I know that Brian Williams lied. He stretched the truth and made his close encounter story more entertaining and exciting. I don't defend his behavior and as a journalist he should be suspended and maybe even fired. However, I take issue with how outraged and up in arms the media is acting and how they even seem to feel that the integrity of their whole industry has been compromised which is laughable because they haven't had a shred of integrity or even shown an ounce of real journalism since Connie Chung sat in the anchor chair.
     In closing I'd just like to say that the media and news outlets calling for Brian Williams head on a platter need to remember that they are not much different than him in the end and that maybe they should grab a platter for their own head. As for you Mr Brian Williams, shame on you man. You had to know a tale that huge would get you caught lying. You lie small and simple brother. I do get it though. It was a hell of a story and had it been true, and most people believed that it was for awhile, it'd be even cooler. In the end though the truth made its way out and now you just look like a clown. So, way to go dummy. Get your shit together Brian. Your being fucking ridiculous.

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