Blonde Truck Driver Joke

    A blonde has just gotten a new sports car and while she's driving she cuts off a semi and almost pushes it off of a cliff. The truck driver angrily motions for her to pull over so, she does. The truck driver draws a circle on the ground in the dirt and tells her to stand in it so, she does. Then he pulls out his knife and starts to cut up her new leather seats. When he turns around he sees that she's just standing there smiling. So, pissed now, he goes to his truck and gets a tire iron and starts bashing her car with it.  He busts the windshield, the lights, and smashes the hood. But, when he looks back at her, she's laughing. Furious he slashes all her tires with his knife but still, she's laughing in her circle. So finally, the truck driver yells, 'What the hell is so funny?'. The blonde catches her breath, smiles, and says coyly, 'Every time you looked away, I stepped out of the circle.


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    1. Glad you liked it! I thought it was pretty funny too. Thanks for commenting!


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