3 Great Free Games For Android Phones

- Township

     Its a little hard to explain what kind of game that Township is really in a broad strokes kind of way. You could say its like Farmville but that would imply that Farmville is a good game or even the same kind of game. No, a better description of what Township is would be SimCity crossed with Farmville with fun added in. You do grow crops. but you also design a whole town, fill orders for customers, and ship products by train and plane. It's very addicting and really fun. I have lost countless hours in this game designing my town or digging in the mine or just filling the townspeople's orders with my helicopter. It's an awesome game if you like those sorts of things then I highly recommend checking it out. You can find it in the app store on the site that didn't pay me to mention them but if you have an android phone you know what I mean and it's free so that is awesome too.

- Star Wars Commander

     This one is so addicting and I knew better than to start playing it because its Clash of Clans meets Star Wars. I knew I was asking for trouble but, I downloaded it anyway because it was also free and man oh man was I right. I am completely hooked on this game, I love to play it. You start off by picking a side. You can be a rebel general or you can choose to fight with Darth Vader on the dark side. You then design your base and either fight other players online or play the story mode to earn valuable gems. They also have tournaments from time to time that you can enter into to win various prizes and the ability to form alliances with other players so that you can work together by donating troops to each other. Very rewarding game that is easy to play in tiny chunks of time and still do well. Highly recommended game for any Star Wars fan for sure but also fans of real time strategy because there are very strong elements of that in this one too.

- Family Guy The Quest For Stuff

     Family Guy The Quest For Stuff is basically just a collector game. You build Quahog from the ground up after Peter has destroyed it yet again. You do various tasks to collect all of your favorite characters and that is about it. It is addicting and fun though because of the amount of work that Tiny Co clearly puts into it. It also doesn't hurt that the game has the full support of the Family Guy writing staff behind them. This game is often very funny and a lot of the characters animations are very entertaining as well. The great writing and wealth of available unlockable characters makes this game a must have for any Family Guy fan but beware, it is very addicting game and even though you play it in small chunks it can be very time consuming to get the good stuff but in the end that just makes it feel more rewarding when you do get the harder to get items and characters. I love this game and I highly recommend it.

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