Congratulations Me: I Won Valentine's Day

     I finally did it. I did a good job on Valentine's day gifts. No, I actually did a little more than a good job, I did fkn great. I have never been known for my skills with gift giving. I'm known for being awful at it but not good. This year though, Shizzy nailed it. I did it. I won Valentine's day this year.
     I'm not sure yet what my prize for winning will be but I am sure that it will be amazing. She is after all well known throughout our land as the best at everything including giving gifts and prizes. Beings that she's so great I'm sure my prize for winning will be too.
     I have so many people I'd like to thank for this great achievement. First I have to thank the Internet, without you none of this would have been possible. Next I've got to thank Google, big ups to Pinterest, and Facebook as well. You guys made this all happen for me and I won't forget it. Thanks to sex for being so great that I wanted to go above and beyond with my babies Valentine's prize. You pushed me when things got hard.
     We did it! Everyone should now get so much hope from my victory on this Valentine's Day 2016. With technology I have become victorious and you too can score big points by being a boss at gift giving on Valentine's Day by using the Internet and Google. 

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